Every Child Matters in the Caribbean

The response after the previous year’s ISCC has been fantastic. I have been approached by several persons who are committed to attending the conference and being part of the volunteer placement initiative one of which is Ms Natasha Blake of Kandis Touch – Cake Makers & Decorations
ns of South London, who has offered to volunteer to complete workshops for the children during Jamaica Child Month.

The Kandis Touch Director Natasha Blake works with children as a foster carer and uses cake baking a therapeutic tool for children who have suffered emotional abuse to speak about their issues whilst mixing ingredients that are renamed Love, Happiness, and Positivity etc to add the feel good factor to life changes.

Natasha comments ‘Thank you so much for the information, I will send you across an email detailing what workshop I will be able to provide for you during the duration of the visit, again what you are doing is such a powerful thing and will receive great attention from individual’s wanting to make a difference’

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