OSF has from its onset has been involved in the completion of social work training and the initiative of placements in the Caribbean to enable workers meet the required standards, to progress within the field of social work through each level of practice and professional development to international standards.

During May it is Child Month in Jamaica, so in addition to the yearly Children’s Safeguarding conference there will be placements for Trainee Social Workers, Trainee Teachers, Interns, Sports Coaches, Students and other young people from the UK, USA, Caribbean and abroad.

Outcomes sought from the placements:

  1. For participants to have gained first-hand knowledge of the safeguarding issues experienced by Jamaican care professionals to translate safeguarding theory into practical application to volunteer time, advice and knowledge with other care professionals on the programme to develop a greater understanding of the impact and experiences of children and young people being returned to the Caribbean from the UK, USA and Canada to gain an insight into the political safeguarding agenda, its successes, long-term strategies and vision.
  2. As well as placements within Local Government Organizations, Private Organizations, Schools and Health Programs, we will have Life Skills and Activities, Peer to Peer Mentoring, Cross-Cultural Exchange, Round Table Discussions, Solution Solving in the Community and the Global Impact.

The Conference takes place over two days in Kingston, Jamaica. This will be in conjunction with our ‘Every Child Matters in the Caribbean Project’ Education, Sports, and Family Fun Day. The conference will be attended by International Speakers, Ministers, Local Government Organizations, Social Workers, Foster Carers, Police Officers, Teachers, Clinicians, GP’s, Nurses, Child Guidance Officers and Parents.

OSFC is excited to continue to partner, engage and foster new relationships with key organisations and educational establishments that seek and desire to empower students and professionals, through cultural exchange, social and economic education by travelling abroad.

I ask that you or your University consider joining us in attendance at this conference and our initiative in the provision of volunteer placements for students and professionals within Jamaica during Child Month May 2018.

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